Bellwardians celebrated the “Me” in DeMentia at Caring with You as our Christmas CSR team event

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Bellwardians celebrated the “Me” in DeMentia at Caring with You as our Christmas CSR team event

In the spirit of Christmas giving and sharing, Bell Ward visited Caring with You as part of our Q4 Team Event and continuous CSR efforts.

Caring with You is a contemporary centre for Persons with Dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common).  Unlike traditional home care and day care that caters for all types of physical health issues of the elderly, Caring With You was set up to fill a different need in our society.  Their approach is based on the belief that by celebrating the “Me” in DeMentia, we see the person (the “me” or “I”) instead of the disease.  Through a carefully planned and individualised program of activities that incorporates cognitive, physical, social and sensory stimulation, Caring with You aims to help Persons with Dementia to improve the quality of their lives with social interaction, memory rumination and communication that help them feel happy and fulfilled, while distracting them from thoughts that trigger negative responses such as anxiety, insecurity and despair.

It was indeed a fulfilling and fruitful afternoon as we spent time with the lovely elderlies in their activities such as design Christmas cards and simple exercises.  Keeping to the Christmas theme, we all sat together and did a Christmas caroling session.  Everyone was singing on top of their lungs, rendering classic Christmas songs such as White Christmas, the First Noel, Come All Ye Faithful, the everlasting Jingle Bells and many other songs!!  These are followed by bonding time, and what could bond us better than food!  We shared cupcakes, kaya puff and chicken pie bought from Bake with Dignity.

Although the food is delicious, what is more enriching is listening and talking to the elderlies.  While they may have memory loss, each of them have a story of their own to tell, and each of them is unique and special.  In fact, it is a timely reminder to us that time waits for no one.  We should make more effort to spend more time with our parents and grandparents, before one day, they grow old and perhaps lose the ability to recognise their loved ones.

To know more about Caring with You, feel free to visit their website