Boost our team bonding through the art of painting!

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Discovering the creativity side of Bellwardians as we had our Q2 Team Event at Art & Bonding.

Most of us went with the idea of a “boring” painting session, but we were all surprised by how much fun it was!  It is a fantastic way to not only create a stronger bond within our team, but also in a way that skyrocket our own levels of creativity, happiness and successful collaboration.

Our team definitely walk away both inspired, motivated, and ready to create!  From the word go, we had fun painting colours to the background, co-ordinating and brainstorming, while sipping wine and having a good laughter!  We worked on six pieces of small canvases respectively, either in pairs or as an individual.  After 3 hours of digging deep into our creativity sense, we pieced the six canvas together, and magic – we have our “masterpiece” that left all of us speechless and feeling proud of ourselves!