Bringing out the superSTAR in Bellwardians through VR world!

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Bellwardians had fun with VR technology for an unconventional Q2 team event to bring out the superSTAR in us!


What better way to start a long break than to have our Q2 team event in VR world! This is the first time Bell Ward and M.A.D L.A.B Training worked together to organize a full day team event using the VR technology. It was unconventional but indeed a great way for us to have fun while cultivating the core aspects of leading, communicating and working together in a team.

We had a fantastic, energetic, amazing and awesome day at VR Lab.  Starting off feeling both unsure and excited, as most of us have never experienced VR, we ended the day feeling empowered to make a difference and shine together as SuperSTAR!


The day activities were based on an experiential learning concept. The team competed on various interactive and engaging learning activities, emphasizing on the importance of communication, thinking out of the box and working together to compliment weakness and celebrate strengths. We had so much fun with the VR activities that our arms and legs were aching at the end of day! And to round up the event, we had a surprise belated birthday celebration for our May and June babies.

Thank you Jeffrey and Lava from M.A.D L.A.B Training for organizing such a wonderful and fun event to bring out the superSTAR in each of us! We truly enjoyed ourselves!