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Candidates Testimonials

The Consultant at Bell Ward has taken the time to get to know me and recommended job opportunities that matched my competences and needs. Unlike other recruitment agents, she tries hard and carefully to place me to positions meeting my ability and potential strength rather than just a similar positions I has help in the past. Such is her compassionate approach which I believe had come from her past being in the same profession as I have.  With her good understanding of the client’s requirements, in particular with her niche and bespoke approach that she has, I would highly recommend her to my good friends and ex-colleagues. I am feeling very lucky to have her support and trust that she will go far further with her career especially with her genuine care and professional treatment of each one of your friends / clients.– Function: Finance Industry : Financial Services
Bell Ward assisted me for a position in the rubber industry. The Consultant that helped me is extremely professional and understands the specification of the job required by the client.  The position she offered is very different from my previous employment, yet it fits into my skills set and interest.  I really appreciate her fast response, transparency in communication and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner. I felt very grateful to her for helping me to secure this job.  I will definitely recommend Bell Ward to anyone who is looking for a job!– Function : Sales Industry : Chemicals
The Consultant at Bell Ward played a very important role in my job search journey. Her professionalism is really impressive.  This was evidenced when I consulted the Consultant on a decision between 2 offers that were coming to me, one is under her recruitment and the other one from another source.  It was a tough decision where I have initially let go of the client’s offer. However, she demonstrated a very high level of patience in helping me to rationalize but still respected my decision until I have a second thought about my decision.  This is not solely towards Bell Ward’s benefits but more to me in terms of my future career prospect. The Consultant is always well prepared in terms of the job requirements and anticipating of possible questions asked by the interviewers, under different scenarios.  This really helps the candidates to secure a higher chance during interview.  I would also like to thank the Consultant for her assertiveness in following up all unresolved issues during the finalization of the offer, even it’s outside of her normal working hours and even during weekend. Looking forward to work with Bell Ward again in my next career move.– Function : Construction Industry : Construction
I approached Bell Ward because of some job opportunities.  Bell Ward helped me by understanding my experience and requirement personally and also providing me with relevant information needed to prepare myself for the interview.  The result was great, with additional insight that given me an advantage of the situation.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the quick response.  I would recommend Bell Ward to people who need to persuade or source for the right candidate.– Function : IT Industry : ICT services
I approached Bell Ward because of their proven good track records in this profession.  Bell Ward managed to help me to match my job requirements and expectations. The result was great! One thing I liked was their Consultant / Head Hunter. They act professionally and tried to match our expectation as closely as possible, especially mine. I found the experience to be memorable and I love the Head Hunter that assisted me.  She acted professionally and most importantly being honest and fair to both Employer and Employee. I would definitely recommend Bell Ward to people who need to move on for better job prospects!– Function : Finance Industry : Retail (branded lifestyle)
I approached Bell Ward because of my experience and I am always looking for opportunities to improve, diversify and explore new opportunities.  The Consultant who assisted me, linked me to the right employer.  The result was awesome as within 1 month I was offered the position I desired! One thing I liked about Bell Ward was their quick action.  I found the experience unforgettable.  I would recommend Bell Ward to anyone who is looking for job opportunities and job satisfaction!– Function : Sales Industry : Property Development
First of all, hats off to Bell Ward for the excellent support and diligence put in in helping me pursue my ideal career opportunity.  Their help throughout the recruitment process has been fantastic and very professional. Would like to highlight Bell Ward’s professional yet personal guidance and advice.  Their Consultant has been great and helpful in all areas.  Very comfortable and have the utmost confidence on their professionalism.– Function : Finance Industry : Property Development
Bell Ward was fantastic to work with. Their consultants maintained a highly professional character and was always very friendly, and found me the perfect job instantly! The Consultant was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. She was always there to help throughout the process especially when I was facing some obstacle during the buyout from my existing employer. I could not recommend Bell Ward and their consultants more highly.– Function : Finance Industry : Financial Services
Bell Ward’s consultants are passionate and caring.  They handled my profile professionally, and are fast in response on my request.  Bell Ward helped me by seeking by opinion on the jobs available and by understanding my experience and requirement prior to them submitting my resume to their clients.– Function : IT Industry : ICT services
Bell Ward has helped me to get through my long and tough journey in securing a job during this recession period.  She displayed a burning passion desire to help, followed-up closely with the employer and myself, ensuring there is no miscommunication between the employer and candidate in securing the right job/candidate. Based on my personal opinion whom have been actively seeking job and engaging with different job-hunting agencies for consecutive 6 month, I have not seen a person whom are so enthusiastic and passionate in making an excellent follow-up with their candidates.– Function : Training Industry : Insurance

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